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OmniGen AF

OmniGen is a unique and patented blend of distinct ingredients for cows.

Feeding OmniGen on a daily basis helps to support the immune system, especially during expected and unexpected stress events.

OmniGen is a research proven product (113+ research publications and 18+ peer review articles) with effective field tests on more than 1,000 farms and over 650,000 dairy cows.

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OmniGen is the winner of the ‘Golden Innovation Awards’ in France in 2019 and the Innovative Agricultural Product in Poland in 2022

European heat stress patent for OmniGen

OmniGen AF


Support the immune capability of your dairy cows

Stress has a negative effect on the function of an animal’s immune system, with the resultant deterioration in health causing decreased milk production and reduced fertility. Changes in routine such as calving, being moved to a different social group, variations in climatic conditions or a change of ration can all induce stress. Even the idyllic image of cows being turned out onto a fresh spring pasture can be stressful. These changes all take place while you remain busy fulfilling the daily milking routine, managing land and complying with the rules, regulations and documentation that modern farming systems require. How do you ensure your cows stay healthy, productive and stress-free?

Paolo Zanaboni quote

Paolo Zanaboni and his son, Farmer, Italy

"In 2015 I've started feeding OmniGen to my cows, since then we've achieved great results: herd health and all fertility parameters improved significantly."


OmniGen – supports immunity

Each day, your cows have to perform at the highest possible level. That’s a lot to ask, but not impossible to achieve.

The immunity of a cow follows a natural pattern of peaks and troughs: immunity is lower when the cow encounters stresses such as bulling, during calving, during periods of hot weather and when she is put into a different social group. You can support the cow’s immunity during these challenging times by including OmniGen in the daily ration. OmniGen helps to maintain immunity during periods of stress.


The blue line shows the varying level of cow immunity as it encounters different stress events. During moments of stress, cows have increased risk on health events. OmniGen helps to support the immune capability of cows, especially under stress circumstances.

Feeding OmniGen AF every day helps to:

Support healthy immune function

Minimise health events and early culling losses

Achieve greater milk yield and milk quality

Reduce the need for antibiotic treatments

Reduce the negative effects of heat stress

The idea is simple: by providing cows with a well formulated ration, they will continue to produce optimal volumes of quality milk.

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OmniGen helps to support the immune capability of dairy cows for optimised health and production.

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Discover the effects on cow health and performance in 244 European dairies before and during feeding OmniGen AF.

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“It is crucial to feed OmniGen throughout the entire dry period in order to achieve the desired results.”


Henco Splinter, Dairy Technical Specialist, Phibro


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FAQ OmniGen

What is OmniGen?

OmniGen is a unique, patented and scientifically proven nutritional speciality product that, when fed on a daily basis, helps dry cows, freshly calved and lactating dairy cows to maintain a properly functioning immune system, especially under stress conditions. More than 2 million dairy cows around the world are currently using OmniGen. And this number is increasing daily.

How does OmniGen work?

OmniGen supports the response of the immune system during stress. Which can lead to fewer health events and a better productivity.

What positive effects can I expect to see in cow health when feeding OmniGen?

Over 80 scientific publication and field trials carried out on more than 700,000 dairy cows in Europe and the USA have shown that OmniGen can reduce the incidence of disease, cut down on antibiotic usage, reduce culling rates and improve milk yield and quality.

How should I use OmniGen? What is the recommended feeding rate?

OmniGen should be fed to dry and lactating cows at the rate of 55 grams per head per day. OmniGen should be introduced to the ration 45 to 60 days prior to calving and continued to be used throughout the entire dry period.

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