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Nico Bons 2 - Door Lianna Kolf
gorep foto Bons holsteins nrm 2019
The frequency of our vet visits dropped to that extend that our vet asked me whether we switched to another vet practice.
Bons, Overijssel (The Netherlands)

After starting with OmniGen my antibiotic usage greatly dropped

Bons Holsteins, top Holstein breeders with a lot of national and international dairy show titles on their name, have their farm with 60 dairy cows in the West of the Netherlands. Family Bons is always striving for better cows. Breeding for perfection is the slogan of their farm. To reach these perfect cows, cows needs to be healthy and that is why we want to prevent diseases.

We are committed to using RelyOn® as part of our consciousdevelopment and sustainable management practices
Hunland, Hungary

Since one year we're seeing great results!

The Hunland Group has been utilizing RelyOn® for over a year, resulting in a positive impact on our production. We have achieved outstanding results in cattle fattening, including a weight gain of +90 g/animal/day for certain groups and an increase in milk production of +2.9 kg/animal/day, 

Melkveebedrijf Kooiker [EMAIL]
Easier work, less problems and increased production
Roland Kooiker, Grijpskerk (The Netherlands)

“Easier work, less problems and increased production”

Easier work, less problems and increased production”- this was the goal for the Kooiker dairy farm in 2018. With a significant increase in production and a strong decrease in antibiotic usage, Kooiker is now farming in a more manageable way with a healthier herd.

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