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About us

Phibro Animal Health Corporation is a leading global diversified animal health and mineral nutrition company, headquartered in Teaneck, New Jersey (U.S.A.), but with offices all around the world. In 2012, Phibro entered the European dairy cattle nutrition market. We currently have two key products: OmniGen and AniStart, but with the ambition to further expand our portfolio with more products for different animal species.

With our global product portfolio, Phibro offers products and solutions to enhance the health, nutrition and productivity of all animal species. Our goal is to ensure good profitability of your business.

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OmniGen is the winner of the ‘Golden innovation awards’ in France in 2019

European heat stress patent for OmniGen


Our unique approach

Our mission starts with the desire to contribute to healthy and affordable feed for livestock and to help farmers in a responsible way. From that mission, we have grown into a global company with more than 1,600 employees. We are a reliable partner for livestock farmers, animal feed companies and veterinarians, by offering them solutions for improving animal health.

Unique, scientifically proven products
Nutritional products developed to optimise cow health and productivity
Experts in Animal Health for 45+ years
A strong focus on prevention instead of cure
Specialist knowledge of dairy cattle
Offering added value for farmers and partners


Phibro is here to help

We’re here to help: our team of experts has over 100 years of veterinary and nutrition expertise between them. We are practical and supportive, we understand the challenges you face every day. Together, we look for solutions to overcome these challenges and improve your farm’s profitability.

We set ourselves apart as a leading provider of nutritional specialty products, which are based on extensive research and proven results. Our innovative, science-based solutions help our customers achieve optimal animal health.

We go the extra mile, conducting field trials to confirm our products are effective and help achieve the animal health goals of our customers.

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Marie-Laure Ocana

"I am fully committed to preventing diseases and improving animal welfare, while increasing the profitability and sustainability of the farmer."


Paul Revet, Dairy Technical Specialist, Phibro


What we do

The numbers

Phibro develops, creates and markets a wide range of products for animals on the international market. This includes supplements for dairy cattle, beef cattle, poultry, pigs and aqua. We sell more than 1500 different products in more than 75 countries.



Phibro's predecessor was founded in 1917 under the name Philipp Brothers Inc. In subsequent years, the fundamental idea has not changed: we still want to keep your animals, your company and the world healthy and successful. From 2003, we have been operating as Phibro Animal Health Corporation, our current name, and from 2014, Phibro became a listed company on the NASDAQ.



Sustainable and responsible business is important within Phibro. How can you pursue a better and healthier world without actively contributing to it? Phibro has a responsibility to deliver safe, effective, sustainable products and to provide expert guidance about their use. We have a growing line of products designed to help prevent, control and treat diseases, enhance nutrition to help improve health and performance and contribute to balanced mineral nutrition. 
We have a responsibility to engage with customers, stakeholders and consumers who want information about the food they eat and how it is produced. This includes answering questions about how our products contribute to the health of animals and our food supply. We welcome the opportunity to engage about animal health issues, including responsible antibiotic use and resistance. Learn more about antibiotics here.


General statement on prudent use of antibiotics

“As little as possible, and as much as necessary”

While a rational use of antibiotics is necessary to treat numerous animal diseases, there is an increasing interest in minimizing and optimizing their use in animal production systems, including dairy farming. Husbandry practices are increasingly focusing on prevention, encouraging the development and implementation of innovative practices and technologies that support animal health and production.


Certificates Phibro Belgium

GMP + FSA Assured

GMP + FSA Assured

GMO controlled (GMP+ MI105)

GMO controlled (GMP+ MI105)

Feed Chain Alliance (FCA)

Certified Feed Chain Alliance (FCA)


Let us help you to optimise your herd’s performance

If you’d like to find out more about how we could help you to optimise your herd’s performance, please submit your telephone number to request a callback. We’ll call you within three working days to set a date for a telephone or face-to-face meeting to discuss the following:


Current situation analysis

We’ll work with you to understand your herd’s current status and to identify areas for improvement.


Designing a plan of action

We’ll recommend where improvements can be made and how our products can unlock your herd’s full potential.



We’ll carry out a detailed review to make sure the changes we’ve put in place are working effectively and, where necessary, provide additional support and advice to enable your herd to continue to improve.

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