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Our expert dairy technical specialists provide you with honest and practical advice on how to improve the health and productivity of your dairy herd.

After you’ve started using our products, we continue to guide you and provide you with custom professional support and advice.

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The numbers don’t lie

We understand that using our products means starting something new. Our expert team of Technical Specialists will be there to support you at every step.

Dairy farmers work from dawn until dusk caring for their animals and we’re proud as, Phibro, to be their trusted partner. Our portfolio of top quality, effective feed ingredients and nutritional products, combined with our unmatched support, help dairy farmers meet the highest standards of animal care.

We set ourselves apart as a leading provider of nutritional specialty products, which are based on extensive research and proven results. Our innovative, science-based solutions help our customers achieve optimal animal health.

We offer proprietary nutritional specialty products developed in co-operation with private research companies and leading university partners. We go the extra mile, conducting field trials to confirm our products are effective and help achieve the animal health goals of our customers.



Continuous support and advice

We are here to support our customers by providing relevant advice on feeding. Our dairy technical team will constantly review how your herd is performing to ensure you’re getting the best possible results: we’ll check your herd’s milk performance records, your animal disease registration data and interpret the results to adjust the feeding regime and management where necessary.


Let us help you to optimise your herd’s performance

If you’d like to find out more about how we could help you to optimise your herd’s performance, please submit your telephone number to request a callback. We’ll call you within three working days to set a date for a telephone or face-to-face meeting to discuss the following:


Current situation analysis

We’ll work with you to understand your herd’s current status and to identify areas for improvement.


Designing a plan of action

We’ll recommend where improvements can be made and how our products can unlock your herd’s full potential.



We’ll carry out a detailed review to make sure the changes we’ve put in place are working effectively and, where necessary, provide additional support and advice to enable your herd to continue to improve.

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