Is your herd reaching its true potential?

Don’t be afraid, we’re not going to tell you how to do your job. But, where the productivity, immunity, transition and diets of dairy cows are concerned, we would like to share some insights with you on how to optimise the productivity and profitability of your dairy farm. Use them to your advantage.

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The recipe for optimised dairy cow performance

At Phibro we understand the stresses and strains of dairy farming and the importance of keeping your cows as healthy and productive as possible. But how do you maximise the lifetime productivity of your cows? The answer is by optimising herd health.

An easy transition into the dry period

Drying off your cow means reformulating a ration to meet her changing energy demands. At the same time, the cow should be prepared for the next lactation period. A healthy dry period forms the foundation of a cow’s lactation. It provides time for the udder to rest and recover. Maintaining cow health during the dry period is essential for the prevention of infections and to optimising the following lactation. The udder has to be protected from the ingress of dirt. During the whole transition process, the balance between immunity and infection pressure can shift, resulting in a higher susceptibility to diseases. The stress associated with moving into a new cow group, dietary changes and the needs of the unborn calf can easily tip the balance at a time when rest and recovery is paramount. How do you provide a solid base for the new lactation period while guaranteeing the health of your fresh cow and unborn calf?

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“A strong start to lactation is rooted in a good dry period. A lot of farms have room for improvement in their dry cow management. Research and field testing in Europe and the USA show fewer transition issues when a cow receives OmniGen in its ration.”

Henco Splinter, Dairy Technical Specialist, Phibro

Timely insemination

Calving places a significant stress on the immune system of cows at a time when they need all their energy at the beginning of the lactation to start producing milk. A lot of dairy farmers therefore remain hesitant about trying to get cows back into calf too soon after calving: not only because they believe these stresses can cause reduced fertility, but also because there is a belief that milk production will decline as a result of the hormonal changes associated with early insemination. How are you going to make sure your cows are able to gestate as soon as possible while retaining milk production?


Extending peak production

Milk production peaks during the period of time immediately after calving. It then declines slowly towards the end of the lactation and in the run up to the new dry period. Dry matter intake in the dry period is directly linked to milk volume in the early stages of lactation. The more she eats when dry, the more she eats when freshly calved and her yield increases too. How are you going to make sure your dry cows eat enough dry matter for the upcoming lactation period?

The answer

OmniGen and AniStart can help

Our products make the challenge of running a productive and efficient dairy herd easier by promoting and maintaining cow health and safeguarding dry matter intake during the dry and transition periods.


OmniGen helps support immunity

Of all the health problems encountered by dairy cattle, many can be traced back to reduced immunity as a result of stress. Adding OmniGen to your diets helps to support the immunity of your cows, also during stress. This can result in fewer health events and better productivity.

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OmniGen helps to support the immune capability of dairy cows for optimised health and production.

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AniStart helps to optimise calcium metabolism

AniStart can reduce the risk for clinical milk fever and subclinical milk fever, thereby helping to smooth the transition into lactation. We recommend feeding AniStart for three weeks before the predicted calving date.



AniStart helps to optimise calcium metabolism around calving which may result in healthier, more productive dairy cows

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Let us help you to optimise your herd’s performance

If you’d like to find out more about how we could help you to optimise your herd’s performance, please submit your telephone number to request a callback. We’ll call you within three working days to set a date for a telephone or face-to-face meeting to discuss the following:


Current situation analysis

We’ll work with you to understand your herd’s current status and to identify areas for improvement.


Designing a plan of action

We’ll recommend where improvements can be made and how our products can unlock your herd’s full potential.



We’ll carry out a detailed review to make sure the changes we’ve put in place are working effectively and, where necessary, provide additional support and advice to enable your herd to continue to improve.

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