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A 100 percent natural product made from Quillaja saponaria extract, Yucca schidigera and lignocellulose used as a carrier

Integri-Phi®, a premixture for inclusion in poultry feed, helps support the normal structure and function of the intestinal tract and the normal immune response in poultry resulting in better nutrient utilization, gut health and excellent performance

Integri-Phi can be used in different production systems and at varying challenge levels

Integri-Phi Can Be Used in Different Production
Systems and at Varying Challenge Levels

Supports intestinal tolerance and helps maintain a healthy gut. This, in turn, helps support nutrient absorption, which translates to better performance, including:

  • Higher body weight gain and lower FCR in broilers and turkeys.
  • Better flock uniformity in rearing pullets.
  • Better eggshell quality in layers and breeders.
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Helps to support specific immune response

to different pathogens:

  • May help reduce the need for antibiotic treatments.
  • Supports bird response when used with ionophores
    or chemical anticoccidials.
  • Complements anticoccidial vaccines, optimizing
    performance while minimizing vaccine reactions and their complications.
  • Supports Salmonella and clostridia control programs.