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Phibro supports the health and productivity of your dairy cows

By combining our specialist nutritional products with our expertise in maintaining your dairy cows healthy and productive, we can help you to optimise your dairy farm’s productivity and profitability.

Optimise the productivity and profitability of your dairy farm Optimise the productivity and profitability of your dairy farm
Maintain herd health and productivity
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Our Products

A healthy cow is a productive cow

Our products have been specifically developed to support animal health and productivity and are backed-up by an extensive and continuous programme of scientific research.

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Animate helps to optimise calcium metabolism around calving which may result in healthier, more productive dairy cows.

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OmniGen AF

OmniGen helps to support the immune capability of dairy cows for optimised health and production.

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Nico Bons - By Lianna Kolf

Nico Bons, Top breeder and owner of Bons Holstein, The Netherlands

“Since we began feeding OmniGen two years ago our antibiotic usage has dropped by a massive 65%.”

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Understanding disease is the first step to control


“Our products are scientifically proven and are backed up by sound technical advice and expert on-farm support.”


Arnout Dekker, Veterinary Surgeon, Phibro

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