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Questions & Answers about OmniGen-AF®

What is OmniGen AF?

OmniGen AF nutritional specialty product is a unique and patented product that when fed on a daily basis, helps dry, prefresh and lactating dairy cows and their calves maintain a properly functioning immune system, especially under stress conditions. There are now approximately >2.0 million cows around the world fed OmniGen AF every day. And, this number is increasing daily.

Why is it important to maintain a properly functioning immune system?
When there is a malfunction of the immune system, white blood cells (which detect and destroy invading pathogens) do not work properly. Reduced immune function means that the cow may be less protected and may easily get sick and as a result produce less and cost more to treat.
What are stress-causing events in dairy cows?

Any change in the daily routine of cows and calves causes stress. The most important stressors include drying off, parturition, transition period, oestrus, extreme weather conditions, heat stress, regrouping, overcrowding, treatments and changes in feed.

How can the effectiveness of white blood cells decrease?

Researchers have shown that stress (specifically the stress hormone cortisol) has a negative impact on the ability of white blood cells to function.

What is the mode of action of OmniGen AF?

OmniGen AF helps enhance the cow’s immune system by supporting the white blood cell’s ability to function properly and immune cell’s capability to detect pathogens, to respond to pathogens and destroy them, particularly under stress. Enhancing the immune system can help reduce the negative impacts of stress.

Is there data to show that cows under stress conditions were kept properly functioning with OmniGen AF?

Yes. Phibro has significant studies showing the positive impact of improved immune competence on stress conditions. We have measured certain immune markers that are related to the ability of the white blood cells to detect and destroy pathogens. We have seen that in the presence of high levels of the stress hormone cortisol, the level of the immune markers is low and studies have shown that feeding OmniGen AF led to the same immune markers, under the same stress conditions, being significantly kept at a normal and improved level.

What improvement should we expect in herd health when cows are fed OmniGen AF?

There are many scientific and practical research studies with OmniGen AF showing improved immune competence. In more than 114 scientific publications and more than 1,000 farm demonstrations involving more than 500,000 dairy cows in Europe and the USA, feeding OmniGen AF has shown significant benefits. Observations included: fewer cases of disease, less culling and improved milk yield and milk quality.

Can feeding OmniGen AF help reduce SCC?

Feeding OmniGen AF can lead to a reduction in SCC. In a large-scale field trial conducted in the EU, bulk tank SCC decreased an average of 55,000 cells/mL when feeding OmniGen during a five-month period.

When feeding OmniGen AF, can we expect an improvement in milk production?

Healthy cows produce more milk. Large-scale field trials that were conducted in the USA and the EU have shown significant improvements in milk production when cows were fed OmniGen AF.

Does feeding OmniGen AF help improve reproductive performance on the farm?

A properly functioning immune system has been shown to improve reproductive performance of cows. Research has shown improvements in uterine health in cows fed OmniGen.

Can I decrease replacement rates by feeding OmniGen AF?

Field trials have shown that feeding OmniGen AF supports the immune system which leads to healthier animals. Healthy animals have reduced cases of disease and mortality and therefore a reduced number of unplanned culls.

Is OmniGen AF suitable for heat stress?

The use of OmniGen AF is patented for promoting reduction of heat stress in cattle and other animals in Europe. But, OmniGen AF is much more than that. OmniGen AF can help protect the cow during stress conditions and heat stress is just one of those conditions.

Is OmniGen a panacea?

No. OmniGen AF puts the finishing touches on your farm and can help improve overall performance by supporting the immune system. A healthy immune system means healthier animals.

What is the recommended feeding protocol for OmniGen AF for dairy cows?

OmniGen AF nutritional specialty product is recommended to be fed to dry and lactating cows at the rate of 9 g per 100 kg body weight.
It typically takes six to eight weeks for OmniGen AF to show full benefits, we recommend it to be fed throughout the whole dry period in order for cows to benefit at both calving and transition.
In addition, during the lactation period there are plenty of potential stressors and the cow is very susceptible to stress. Drying off and regrouping are also stressors and therefore, it is ideal to feed OmniGen AF for the entire lactation.

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OmniGen helps to support the immune capability of dairy cows for optimised health and production.

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