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Animate is a concentrated and highly palatable anionic mineral product for dry cow rations.

Animate helps to optimise calcium metabolism around calving which may result in healthier, more productive dairy cows.

Animate is a thoroughly researched and field tested product.

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Palatable, concentrated and complete

Animate and calving

Maintain your fresh cows’ health and productivity

Calving constitutes the single largest risk factor to a cow’s health. The cow has to be prepared to have a large amount of calcium available for milk production: if she isn’t ready for this, she will be susceptible to milk fever. When the disease is subclinical, no obvious symptoms will show, but the affected animal will be less active and will consume less. This situation can persist for some time and can increase the affected animal’s susceptibility to other stress related health issues. To reduce the impact that this has on productivity and profitability it is essential to take remedial action as quickly as possible.

Arnout Dekker

“When you follow our Animate feeding program, you’ll see an impressive improvement in cow performance.”


Arnout Dekker, Veterinary surgeon, Phibro

Animate and calcium metabolism

Animate supports optimal milk production

Your cows should be ready to start producing milk at a high level right after calving. A few weeks later, they should be ready to be inseminated again.

Including Animate in the dry cow ration helps to optimise calcium metabolism around calving, enabling cows to start a strong lactation while remaining healthy and productive.

Animate helps to reduce (sub)clinical milk fever which can lead to:

Increase milk yield

Reduce the incidence of metabolic disorders

Improved fertility

Using Animate and OmniGen together can help your cows to remain healthy and more productive.

Animate bag


Animate helps to optimise calcium metabolism around calving which may result in healthier, more productive dairy cows.

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FAQ Animate

Why feed Animate?

Animate is a thoroughly researched and field tested anionic dietetic complementary feed which has been proven to help reduce the incidence of (sub)clinical milk fever: a significant condition which can have a substantial negative impact on health, production and fertility. Because it is highly palatable, Animate can be fed without decreasing dry matter intake, an important consideration when choosing an anionic product.

How do I use Animate? What is the feeding rate?

The recommended feeding rate depends on your existing dry cow ration. Please contact one of our specialists to calculate a custom formula for your herd’s specific needs.

When should I use Animate?

Animate should be added to the ration at least 21 days prior to calving. Animate should subsequently be excluded from the ration as soon as the calf is born.

How does Animate work?

Animate helps dairy cows to mobilise calcium from the animal’s bones and to absorb more calcium from their ration. During the dry period, surplus calcium is excreted from the body via the urinary system. As the cow gets closer to her calving date, this calcium can be used to ensure a smooth and healthy start to the ensuing lactation.

What happens in a prepartum dairy cow fed a properly recommended dry cow diet with Animate?

The changes that occur in a prepartum dairy cow fed a negative DCAD dry cow diet with Animate include three changes to calcium metabolism of the cow that increases prepartum calcium flux.

  • First, (and in no particular order) is the increase in dietary calcium absorption.
  • Second, is the initiation of bone resorption. 
  • And finally, is the increased excretion of calcium by the kidney through urine.

These three coordinated actions act to increase the movement of calcium (calcium flux) through the exchangeable calcium pool, making more calcium available to the cow during the critical period of colostrogenesis and early lactation.

Watch the video for more detailed explanations:

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