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Press Release AniStart®

AniStart® is a next generation Anionic Mineral Product developed in Europe and this product will replace the product Animate, currently sold by Phibro Animal Health in Europe. Animate is one of the most used anionic mineral products in the United States for the nutrition of transition cows. 

17-10-2022, updated on 18-10-2022

AniStart® replaces Animate® in Europe  

AniStart®: Phibro Animal Health’s next generation Anionic Mineral Product. 

Feeding AniStart® within the dry cow diet can help reduce the incidence of clinical and subclinical hypocalcaemia (Milk Fever). Using AniStart® can also help your herd achieve a healthy start to lactation.  

Optimal transition, highest return 

The transition from dry period to lactation is a key vulnerable point for dairy cows. Clinical milk fever is the most common metabolic disorder affecting dairy cattle and affects around 10% of dairy cows annually. It usually presents itself as a down cow around calving.  Sub-clinical milk fever is also estimated to occur in over 50% of your dairy cows. Unfortunately, it does not present any symptoms, but can heavily affect your herd’s health and productivity. 

As a dairy farmer you use everything available to safeguard your cows and strive to have a smooth transition through the calving period. Feeding AniStart® helps support your cow’s health, ensuring a quick return to milk production. Feeding AniStart® at the recommended feed rates, helps support an optimal, efficient and problem-free start of the lactation, that can help to achieve higher production yields, improved fertility and higher profitability. 

Proven effect in America and Europe 

AniStart® is an anionic mineral product that supports the dairy cow from the transitional dry period to lactation. AniStart® is proven in practice to be a highly palatable anionic salts blend, allowing your cows to maintain their Dry Matter Intake (DMI) and therefore supporting smooth transition to early lactation, more milk with fewer (sub-clinical) health problems.  

This experience has not only been gained in America, where Animate is one of the most used anionic mineral products, but also in Europe, where dairy farmers are continuously looking for improvements in their business operations to increase the productivity and lifespan of their cows. 

AniStartTM: next generation Anionic Mineral Product 

AniStart® builds on the success of Animate in Europe. The European production process is VLOG  certified, meaning the product has been produced without the use of genetically modified organisms.  

AniStart® is manufactured with a unique fat matrix technology that encapsulates the anionic salts within a fat matrix. This new technology not only increases the palatability of the product, but also helps increase the concentration, even with a DCAD value of -9000 mEq/kg AniStart® is highly concentrated and very stable. This allows AniStart® to be fed at lower feeding rates within a dry cow diet.  

AniStart® has an optimal structure for the homogeneous mixing within the dry cow ration. It allows easy mixing into blended farm specific mineral mixtures, and it is also stable when processed into a compound nut or roll. 


Phibro Animal Health Corporation have a dedicated team of ruminant technical specialists throughout Europe who are ready to support livestock farmers enhance their cow’s health and production. AniStart® is a next generation Anionic Mineral Product and proven to successfully contribute to the health, profitability and production of high yielding dairy herds.  


Phibro Animal Health Corporation has been specializing in animal health and nutrition for 45 years. Products such as OmniGen, AniStart® and Animate aim to improve livestock health and dairy farm profitability. Phibro is headquartered in Teaneck, New Jersey in the United States. From 2012 Phibro Animal Health Corporation is also active in Europe.  


For more information about this press release, please contact: 

Arnout Dekker, DVM, Dairy Business Manager Europe 




Arnout Dekker
Arnout Dekker
Arnout Dekker is the Marketing Manager Europe of Phibro and has 7 years experience as a veterinarian. He is passionate about cows, dairy farm advisory and farm management. Helping farmers with advice and proven products to keep their cows healthy, produce better, be more profitable and sustainable is what drives and motivates him.

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