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Phibro shares data evaluating the practical effects of OmniGen® AF on European dairy farms, introduces new logo

WAVRE, Belgium – An in-depth comparison of cow health and performance across European dairy farms shows feeding OmniGen AF nutritional specialty product helped improve immune function, which can lead to improved health and milk quality.

10-09-2020, updated on 10-02-2021
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In the study of more than 44,000 cows and 244 dairy farms across Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom, herds were monitored between 2015 – 2019. Records were collected for the 120- to 180-day period prior to and during the feeding of OmniGen AF (Garcia-Gonzalez et al., 2020). 

OmniGen AF fed to cows in both the US and Europe has been shown to improve immune function.  At the conclusion of the EU analysis, researchers noted that cows fed OmniGen AF had improved health metrics, including:

  • 34% fewer cases of retained placenta
  • 34% fewer cases of metritis
  • 28% fewer cases of mastitis

An improvement in milk yield and quality was also noted, with an increase of 0.45 kg milk per cow per day and a decrease of 48,000 somatic cells per ml.

“A wealth of research has been conducted in both Europe and the United States to evaluate the effectiveness of feeding OmniGen AF under commonplace stressful circumstances like diet changes, drying off, animal handling and hot weather,” says Arnout Dekker, Phibro Marketing Manager Europe. “Including OmniGen in dairy cow rations supports immune function. A healthy immune system can lead to fewer infectious and metabolic diseases in dairy herds. This very comprehensive study is the latest to support the improved immune function that producers who feed OmniGen AF see.”

A new look for a trusted product

European dairy producers who include OmniGen AF in their rations may notice that bags of the nutritional specialty product have a new look and feel. Phibro has updated its logo to modernize its branding and packaging design and to create cohesion across Phibro’s portfolio of OmniGen products:


“While OmniGen AF bags and marketing materials will look a bit different, producers can be sure that the contents contain the same proprietary blend of ingredients that they’ve come to depend on to help support immune function,” says Dekker. “We’re constantly researching and innovating to provide producers with the most effective tools for improving health and profitability, and we’re proud to introduce a new look reflective of innovation.”

Learn more about OmniGen AF here or contact us to arrange a farm consult. 

Arnout Dekker
Arnout Dekker
Arnout Dekker is the Marketing Manager Europe of Phibro and has 7 years experience as a veterinarian. He is passionate about cows, dairy farm advisory and farm management. Helping farmers with advice and proven products to keep their cows healthy, produce better, be more profitable and sustainable is what drives and motivates him.

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