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Berends Jan Dirk

Livestock farmer, accountant and advisor: Jan Dirk Berends strives for a problem-free cow with a
good return.

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Jan Dirk: "After all, the costs outweigh the benefits, this has always been the case."

Jan Dirk Berends milks about 100 cows together with his brother Allard and parents. In addition to
being a dairy farmer, Jan Dirk works at Alfa Accountants as a business consultant and relationship
manager. A challenging combination, but with a good organization and a business that runs
smoothly, a lot is possible.

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It should be easy

The Berends brothers are away from home a lot and that is why it should be easy. Problems take a
lot of time and there is simply not enough. Which is why we try to optimize our business operations
in such a way that it runs smoothly. A cow with straps is therefore a thorn in the side of Jan Dirk. This has to be endured, creates a chance of errors, costs money and is above all extra work. I want to be able to milk with 'with my eyes closed'.

Cow with udder infection is actually finished...

Aside from work, a cow with mastitis is actually a cow 'ready' for the rest of the lactation. The cow
usually does not recover back to her top condition and the chance that the cow will have to be
removed early is much greater. Everything is therefore aimed at preventing a sick cow. It is a fact
that this costs money, on the other hand a healthy cow yields much more revenue. “The costs simply outweigh the benefits, that has always been the case,” says Jan Dirk Berends.

"Use OmniGen as the dot on the 'i' of your management”, “See it as an investment."
Jan Dirk Berends
Dairy farmer, accountant and advisor

Measure every cost on farm!

What does half a cent do for extra balance per kg of milk? What are your vet costs?
What is it worth that a cow starts up smoothly? Many livestock farmers do not immediately have the answers to these questions and similar questions. Berends motivates his fellow livestock farmers to keep these and other numbers in mind.
Certainly at a time when costs are 'rising very fast', it is important to know what your costs are, what
investments can yield and even more important; how can i increase my balance.

OmniGen as an investment in health, confidence and convenience

Jan Dirk worked for De Heus as a cattle specialist until 2015. When OmniGen was introduced in
2012, Berends decided to use it in his own company. Not because we had a lot of problems, but
because we can always do better. Of course there are costs involved, but the benefits are clearly
The great thing about OmniGen is that it supports the overall resistance, which pays for itself in
many places. Significantly less mastitis, less severely sick cows, lower somatic cell count and faster starting cows.
The advice for fellow dairy farmers is therefore: “Measure every cost on farm”, by understanding
and measuring all on farm costs, helps ensure the farm runs smoother, healthier cows will naturally
give more milk and that your cow starts up smoothly.
Use OmniGen as the dot on the 'i' of your good management, see it as an investment. Use this
resistance protective product and let yourself be convinced by your own figures.