Dairy Farm JOB: "Many companies promote products with somewhat miraculous results, I wanted to reassure myself by having figures to analyze"

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Have more confidence in the resilience of your cows

5 years ago, Benedic JOB, a breeder in Oermingen, decided to change production, moving from suckler cows to dairy cows. A big challenge! “Hardly any dairy processor in France wanted us because being new,no one trusted us, so I knocked on the door of our German neighbours.”


After visiting the farm, the German dairy processor agreed to sign a contract for one million litres, the adventure for Monsieur Job could begin. We were not followed by the banking organizations, so we had to keep our suckling barn in a straw area and bought a mixed Holstein, Brune and Montbéliarde herd. Today we have 92 milking cows”

The herd arrives with an annual production of approximately 6500 L to reach an average of 9200 L 5 years later. Schaeffer, were beneficial to be able to evolve.


It was Fabien who suggested using OmniGen, initially to secure the health of the udder, the strawed area sometimes leading to increases in the cell rate.


“We managed to have 10 months without cells and penalties but with more milk thrown away. We wanted to improve further. After starting OmniGen, we could see a decrease in cell count and mastitis, reaching 12 months without penalty and hitting premiums. We have been using OmniGen for 4 years and have achieved the processor bonuses every month for 2 years”

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"We have few culls and the average lactation rank has increased "
Benedic JOB

Prior to using OmniGen, Benedic JOB discarded approximately 4% milk. At the end of 2020 after 2 years of use, only 1.8% of milk was rejected, with a cell rate in the tank below 198000.

After several months of use, the breeder asked for an assessment to be carried out. "Many companies promote products with somewhat miraculous results, I wanted to reassure myself by having figures to analyze"

With this study, we calculated that the number of mastitis treatments purchased per month had decreased by 44% in one year, as well as a 53% drop in the monthly purchase of antibiotics. With the increase in milk delivered, bonuses, and lower health costs, the return on investment is approaching 2 euros.

An improvement in fertility was observed by Mr. JOB, making it possible to work on the longevity of cows. “We have few culls and the average lactation rank has increased”

Benedic JOB is aware that the OmniGen cannot do everything. “You have to work the basics right before using solutions like OmniGen. Feeding OmniGen every day, along with ensuring good simple farm management, like ensuring high comfort, fresh water and quality feeds are available to our cows, helps the odds to be on our side,

For example, even by working well, it is not always easy to prevent the flu episode. Every year, a large number of farms experience periods of flu leading to a drop in ingestion and production. “We had an episode of flu this year, and yet the cows barely dropped in milk. This is also the help of OmniGen.

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