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Does dairy cow immunity impact the reproductive system?

Impaired reproductive performance of dairy cows can have significant impact on the profitability of dairy operations. The immune system has been shown to play a role in dairy cow reproduction, both indirectly, through the impact that mastitis, metritis, retained placenta, and metabolic diseases pose to reproductive function; and directly, through actions of immune cells upon the ovary. A properly-functioning immune system may help to improve the reproductive performance of dairy cattle by reducing the occurrence of diseases affecting fertility and improving immune cell activity. Read further in our advisory article.

04-05-2020, updated on 07-01-2021
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The impact of reduced immune function

As with any other body function, immunity is subject to ups and downs. Stress is a key factor that creates drops in the immune competency of cows. The cow responds to stress by releasing cortisol, which induces several metabolic adaptations to respond to the challenge.

Extensive research has been done on cow fertility in relation to immunity. It goes without saying that diseases have a negative effect on the fertility of your livestock. What exact role do immune cells play in the oestrous cycle of cows and in reproduction in general?

Please download our free advisory article for more information on the subject:

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OmniGen - supports healthy immune function

OmniGen is a unique, patented nutritional specialty product from Phibro Animal Health Corporation, that is recommended to be fed to dry, pre-fresh and lactating cows every day. OmniGen-AF provides dairy owners a proven solution that helps support healthy immune function in the face of expected and unexpected stress events.

Feeding OmniGen may help to improve the reproductive performance of your herd by reducing the number of health issues on your farm (mastitis, retained placenta, metritis, etc.) and OmniGen has a proven positive effect on the support of immune cells that play a direct role in reproduction. Please contact us to learn more about what OmniGen can do for your farm.

Arnout Dekker
Arnout Dekker
Arnout Dekker is the Marketing Manager Europe of Phibro and has 7 years experience as a veterinarian. He is passionate about cows, dairy farm advisory and farm management. Helping farmers with advice and proven products to keep their cows healthy, produce better, be more profitable and sustainable is what drives and motivates him.

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