Download the Heat Stress Checklist to support a healthy and productive herd

Mockup-shadowThe UK climate is changing and the incidences of heat stress in UK dairy cows are rising. Please download our checklist and see what you can do to help lower the negative effects of heat stress on your herd. Do you want to learn more about heat stress, read why colleagues are using it or schedule an appointment?
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Whole Farm

Overview of the whole farm including focusing on the environment, nutrition, water and ventilation.


Current Advice

Advice based on recommended guidelines to alleviate heat stress from recent research


Practical Approach

Tips and recommendations based on an approach which you can do on your own farm

Jim Cairns 2022
"Heat Stress is an increasing problem in our herds so it is now more important than ever to start thinking about how we can reduce the impacts of this problem in our cows”
Dairy Technical Specialist